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Seniors to the DIA

On Tuesday April 19th, Mr. Ozias’ 12th grade English class took a field trip to the Detroit Institute of Art, also known as the DIA. Many students were fantasized by the amazing art that was displayed. We interviewed one of the students that had the experience, Austin Keith. We asked what his favorite piece of artwork was, “I enjoyed the African American man riding...

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Physics students take On Cedar Point

On May 13th physics students at Pinckney High School will be attending Cedar Point to see physics in motion on Physics day. When the new physics teacher Meghan Lingle was hired, she thought of bringing some of her old high school’s activities to Pinckney. One of which being Physics Day at Cedar Point. She plans the trip by herself but has one other chaperone who is...

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It’s election time again at Pinckney High School, and students from the freshmen, sophomore, and junior classes are competing for class council office for each of their grades. Class elections are what will determine who will be on the class council for each grade level. Students put up posters around the school and think of creative ways to help their campaign win....

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Student Life

Rubble, Bubble, Boil and Toil

Ever wonder what those loud noises or explosions you hear once a year are all about? Well, it is probably the chemistry students and their wonderful experiments. There...

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Pirates perform with Professionals

The orchestra program hosted its 10th annual Side by Side Concert on February 25, 2016, where members of the high school and middle school orchestras played with professionals...

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Clubs and Organizations

BPA States

BPA States were held at the Grand Rapids Grand Hotel March 17th though 20th . Each team picks an individual event and team event for the competition. Emma Scott represented...

April 14, 2016 • Comments closed

  • Women of the World and Feminism April 13, 2016
  • Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night Comes To Pinckney November 30, 2015
  • Riding Through the Wind May 7, 2015

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