A New Meaning to “Staying home for Prom”


The Griffith Family at their prom.

Unfortunately, the quarantine has resulted in several cancellations of long held traditions. One of those canceled traditions was Prom. Many students were getting ready for prom prior to the quarantine and had purchased their prom dresses. Parents didn’t want to see their dress go to waste, so several parents and students took it upon themselves to host an at-home Prom.

“Having my own prom made me feel loved because my family made it a really special day for me. I know that I’ll always remember it and how much fun we had,” Senior Haley Griffith said.

With students having their own at home prom, also comes a new tradition. Without an actual prom, a new title came to the surface. One family made the title “Quarantine King” to celebrate their child.

“I really liked being named Quarantine King it made me feel something I know I wouldn’t feel ever,” Senior Caleb Liebert said.