What it’s like to move during quarantine

What it's like to move during quarantine

Since the state wide Stay at Home order has gone into place, much of our daily lives have been instantly halted. However some things, for example moving, must continue.

Buying and selling a house with social distancing is a strange thing.

Usually before you buy a house you’re able to walk through it. Currently, that isn’t allowed. You have to rely on pictures from the listings, peeking in the windows if the seller allows, and a video walkthrough if the seller is nice enough to provide one.

Any time an inspector or repair man comes in they’re in full PPE. Oftentimes they ask you to leave to limit the number of people in the house at a time. It’s very strange to need to disinfect your own house every time you enter it.

Balancing online school work with packing is also a difficult task. When you physically go to school it’s easy to allocate your time, but when you’re home all day it’s more difficult to know when you should be putting your focus in one area and when you should be putting it somewhere else.

And as most of you probably know, it’s hard to find motivation in times like these. Our lives are so shaken our mind struggles to cling to any sense of normalcy and regular routine we can. But sometimes change is nice. Sometimes it’s easier to just throw one more shift in the loop instead of waiting for everything to settle down and then shake it all up again.