COVID-19 & Prom

Many high school juniors and seniors are feeling upset that the current pandemic is taking away their prom. Many seniors feel as though they are missing out on their last big event with their friends before going to college. Prom, for many seniors is considered one of the biggest things to look forward to during senior year. Prom was originally scheduled for April 24th at Crystal Gardens in Howell. With COVID-19 getting worse and worse each day, prom was postponed until further notice.

Senior Sierra Johnston learned she would be out of state for prom at the beginning of the school year.

“I already experienced the heartbreak of not being able to go to prom at the beginning of the year,” Johnston said. Now that everything is cancelled “I’m not sad, I went to a virtual prom and my church is going to have a make-up prom, so I’m looking forward to that.”

Senior Evelyn Trumpet got her dress from Khols for $130. “I went last year, so it’s not that sad but Senior Prom was something I have been looking forward to for a while, so it’s a little upsetting.”

After dropping $200 on a dress Junior Ella Lawver  said that she was “pretty bummed” that prom is cancelled. There’s always next year though for the Class of 2021.

Overall the cancellation of Prom 2020 has many feeling disappointed. Many are hoping that a miracle will happen and a summer prom will occur.

“Saftey is always the first priority in situations like this,” Trumpey said

Ella Lawver
Sierra Johnston
Evelyn Trumpey
Evelyn Trumpey