Dear COVID-19


LA skyline clear due to shelter in place

Dear COVID-19,

While at first most of us didn’t think that you would have been a big deal, we now realize just how relevant you are. The entire world is shut down and in isolation. While you spread from person to person, we all are avoiding each other to not catch you. While we all hope that one day you will be just one distant memory, right now we have to be on guard. While avoiding contact may be new to some of us, what isn’t new is fear. This is a scary time, we are all stuck at home fearing for our lives with each passing moment. While we hope that the isolation will be done before June, we now realize just how powerful you really are. While you may have thrown a challenge at us, we’re overcoming and focusing on how we can help the world with you still among us. We’ve all lost something to you. Whether it be a memory, time, or even another person. One thing we do have to thank you for is the help you’ve done for our environment. 

 The things that have been done to our planet while you’ve been here have been amazing. Air pollution has now decreased to the point that cities’ skylines can be seen. In Italy the canals of Venice are clear and wildlife has started to return to the city. Swans are now visiting the canals and dolphins can be seen off the coast of Venice. While you may have taken something away from us, you also provide hope that when this is all over we can enjoy the new gifts of nature. 

So, of course, we’re mad at you, and we want you gone, but while you’re here we as humans have started to re-evaluate our environment, our time spent, and how we can all be a little more mindful of how to keep the world from another pandemic.


Michael Griffin