Larry Prout reminds us to say thank you


Mrs. Harris surprises Larry with a thinking of you sign while following the social distancing guidelines.

I’ve done a lot since I last wrote. I’ve been writing more thank you letters. I was a guest on one of my friend’s podcast shows from the Michigan Football Team. I participated with the University Of Michigan’s dance marathon team with raising money for families with a loved one who have a disability this weekend by virtual instagram. The money is used to pay for therapies not covered by insurance. I did a speech from home for DMUM, telling everyone what DMUM has done for me! I had a surprise visit from Mrs. Harris and her daughter Maggie! I was so surprised and happy to see them!  My family and I also made a video thanking my University of Michigan Health Care Team for all they are doing during this time, here is the link:
I hope everyone is okay.  It is hard being home all the time. I miss everyone and hope everyone is safe! Your friend, Larry