A day in the life of social distancing


My name is Larry Prout, and I am a senior at Pinckney High school.  It’s been sad not going to school or leaving our house to do other things. No basketball, baseball, hockey everything has been cancelled. I know that there are more important things, but it still makes me sad.  My brother and his wife came over to borrow some things, but they did not come in the house and stayed about 50 ft away from me, my mom and dad. This was very strange, but it was the right thing.

While at home I have been writing thank you cards to people that sent me cards and gifts during the holiday season.  We have been watching movies, riding our golf cart, and having a fire outside. I have been hanging out with my pets, and watching updates on the news. I have also been watching some old Michigan Football games on YouTube as well as family videos which include Pinckney Football games from when my 3 big brothers played in 2006 through 2010. I miss everyone in our school community and hope everyone is doing their best to stay healthy! Go Pirates!!