Swim Siblings, A life time of competition?


Freshman Ben Richards

Swimming is a competitive sport. Students compete in multiple events. Each swimmer is different, but what about siblings in swim? The boys swim team has multiple sets of siblings on the team. Mitch and Merek Dickey, have been swimming together competitively for 2 years. Wes and Ben Richards, have been swimming together since there were younger. Twins Graham and Ava Kovachich swim on each of the swim teams and have been swimming together for 15 years.

“We first started swimming when we were five years old. Our mom had wanted us to learn how to swim, and eventually, we both started to get better,” Graham and Ava Kovachich said.

Many of the siblings on the team can get competitive. Especially when they race in the same event. Mitch and Merek Dickey both swim together and even play tennis together too. Mitch and Merek want to swim against each other in states, in the same event. That is their goal for this season.

“Merek keeps up with me during a race. I’m really proud of him for that, and I’m hoping he gets to swim at conferences with me,” Captain Mitch Dickey said. “Merek and I play tennis together, we’re always competing someway.”

Twins Graham and Ava also can get competitive, and have always been encouraging each other to do better in a race.

“I’m proud of Graham for getting ranked seventh in the state when he was in 7th grade,” Junior Ava Kovachich said. “Graham almost didn’t swim in high school, but I’m really glad he did.”

The sibling bond is something that is well represented in the pool. Wes and Ben always encourage each other and cheer each other on.

“Wes and I first started to swim because we both had too much energy, Although Wes is better than me, I like to talk trash and make some competition between the between of us,” freshman Ben Richards said. “I’m really proud of Wes for being the person he is, he’s really charismatic,” Richards said.