PHS Students Win $10,000 Imagine Boldly Grant


Grace Elliot and Sophia Oakes accepting the check from the Community Foundation on behalf of their team

On Wednesday February 12th, Pinckney Community High School students hosted and competed in Livingston County Community Foundation’s Imagine Boldly competition.

The eight groups that participated were competing for a $10,000 grant from the Community Foundation to use to better Livingston County in some way.

There were many great ideas including a music foundation, disability assistance in schools, a crosswalk to the high school, a teen center, a center for people with disabilities, a dock for students at Honey Creek, a program to reduce teen drug use, and a bid to reduce light pollution.

After an combination vote by the panel of judges and the audience, Sophia Oakes, Grace Elliot, Cole Evans, and Samantha Armstrong were announced the winners for their idea to bring a crosswalk and sidewalk at the High School to ensure students walking to and from the school are safe.

It came as a surprise to the audience when one of the judges, Sheriff Mike Murphy, announced that another project would be put into place as well. Project Opiate, designed to bring inmates and recovering addicts into the High School health classes, will also be put into place. He wanted to work with the school and sheriff’s department to make the project happen without the grant money.

Presenter Chris Tolfree perfectly captured the whole point of the evening when he concluded his presentation by saying that no matter who wins, the money is going to a great cause so we all win.

The current timeline shows the crosswalk project beginning construction this summer and hopefully be ready by the time school starts in the fall.