The 17th Annual Spaghetti Dinner


Claire Reynolds playing guitar in the Huron River Revivalists.

The 17th Annual Spaghetti Dinner took place this weekend with grades 5th-12th performing. The event was held in the PCHS Commons. Attendees could purchase a ticket to the show that included a dinner, or opt to purchase a ticket to just enjoy the performances. 

The event kicked off  with the 5th Grade Band, followed by the 5th grade orchestra, 6th Grade Band, and 6th Grade Orchestra. After a short break the performances started back up again, continuing with the middle school music groups the 7th Grade Band, 7th & 8th Grade Orchestra, and 8th Grade Band before another short intermission. The Middle School Music Groups then concluded with a performance from the 7th & 8th Grade Choir.

The High School Music Groups started with the Varsity Choir singing songs from Disney classics like Beauty and the Beast. They were followed by the Huron River Rivalists and another short break. The Break concluded when the Concert Band took the stage, playing selections from the John Williams Trilogies. The Jazz Band played songs called Black Cow and Beat Street. Symphony Band played songs from Chicago. The Orchestra performed songs from Stars and Stripes Forever, Themes from Advent Rising, One Hand One Heart, and Smoke on the Water and lastly the Wind Ensemble concluded the event by playing feature songs from Rent and Americans We, a fast paced march.

Ava Kovacich and Piper Brady Playing in the Huron River Revivalists.
Damon Fradette playing the symbols for Symphony Band.
Jacob Amiot playing the Marimba for Symphony Band.