Pirates Takes Down the Tigers


Boys swimmers relaxing after the game in the divers pool.

As the sounds of splashing water filled the room, everyone could tell this meet was gonna be tough. Pirates swam against the Fenton Tigers this week.

“Seeing Owen Weinberger dropping three seconds was one of the best things that I saw tonight,” Junior Graham Kovacich said.

The match started with the Meadly Relay, which was to be expected to be one of the more challenging events.

“During our practice, we ran a simulation of the match, and the scores were expected to be within five points,” Senior Captain Mitch Dickey said.

The Pirates swam valiantly, finishing the match with a score of 110 – 76. In addition to finishing with this score, the pirates welcomed back recently injured diver, Kurt Morgan. Morgan had dislocated his shoulder in Mexico not that long ago and has now started to begin practice with the team again.

“Tonight is my first night back, I am starting to get back into the swing of things by doing easy dives,” Sophomore Kurt Morgan said.

While Pinckney may have gone home with high cheers, Fenton also went home with a new perspective.

“Our team will be better from this because we now know some of our flaws, we will bounce back from this and keep getting better,” Fenton Swimmer Lucas Shampo said.

You can catch the boys pirates this Thursday 2/6, at the high school pool as they take on Ypsilanti.

“Tonight has been great, I PR’d tonight, for the first time this season,” Kovacich said.