PHS students mission to Uganda


Over Christmas break a group of 14 students went on a week long mission trip to Uganda.

Junior Luke Lovell’s mom, a pastor at Zion Lutheran Church in Ann Arbor, frequently plans and goes on mission trips. She invited the students to join her to experience what life is like outside of our world in Pinckney.

The students goal was to take sports gear and clothing to children as well as lead a sports camp to teach them how to play a variety of sports. The plan, however, wasn’t actually how it went.

“Playing with the little kids was definitely the best part,” Czerwinski said.

According to Ethan Sage and Joe Czerwinski, the kids actually ended up teaching them how to play and completely showed the students up in soccer.

“And shopping at the markets,” Sage said. “That was so cool.”

The students said the experience is definitely a worthwhile one and one that others should consider.

“I would 100% encourage it,” Czerwinski said. “It’s something that you’ll never get to experience here in the states.”

For information on how you can plan or start you own mission trip visit Faith Ventures.