Our first snow day…in November


Due to our wonderful Michigan winters, snow days are far from uncommon here at PHS. A snow day this early in November, however, is practically unheard of. Many of our teachers including Mr. Burkholder, Mrs. Krill, and Mr. Jerome couldn’t remember ever having a snow day in November during their years here.

Students chose to celebrate their snow day in many of different ways.

Many of the Act 2 students spent it in the theater preparing for their upcoming performance of Sherlock Holmes. Senior Alex Williams spent her snow day getting her hair cut and dyed. Senior Jenna Forhan spent the day doing her laundry and visiting with her grandparents. And getting in the spirit of winter Grace Scott, Claudia Popovic, Giulia Paoloucci, Ashley Taft, and Rachel Johnson spent the day playing in the snow.

With the winter forecast for this year, it’s likely that we’ll have quite a few more snow days.

Make sure to send any photos you take during your snow day activities to the PHS Yearbook Staff for a chance to have them featured in the book.