Help the Bahamians


Earlier this year Hurricane Dorian, a category 5 hurricane, hit the Bahamas leaving many residents without food, houses, and other basic necessities.

Kylie Ray and Luke deBeauclair, seniors at PHS, decided to get involved to help out those affected by this natural disaster.

“When hurricane Dorian was a big thing we saw that it hit the Bahamas hardest and thought that it’d be a good idea and opportunity to help by collecting items for the Bahamas and sending them there,” Luke deBuclaire said.

In order to do this they are collecting water, canned goods, mosquito spray, sunscreen, diapers, baby formula, first aid items, and more. There are bags in all student’s first hours to put donations in. The first hour class that brings in the most donations will receive a donut party.

Donations will be accepted through October 25th and then they will be shipped to a church in Miami to be distributed to those in need.

Please contact Luke deBeauclair or Kylie Ray with any questions.