Sharing Burgers, Stories, and Fun


On October 16th Link Crew met in Mr. Drabek’s room for their annual burger cookout. Due to Michigan being Michigan the weather of course wasn’t the most ideal for the members of Link Crew to eat hamburgers outside. So with the elements against them they did something a little unorthodox, they had an inside BBQ.  The way they worked this out was Mr. Drabek cooked the burgers out on a grill under a tarp, both of which he had brought from home. Then a few students would run back and forth delivering the burgers.

“Dan’s cookouts are the best, and the burgers are well done. Enough said,” Senior Matt Larme said.

The members of Link Crew savored the mouth watering burger that were cooked up and some even when back for seconds. Although they were limited to what condiments they could choose from, that didn’t stop them. For most of the Link Crew class this was their last cookout as most of the class is seniors 

“I’m going to miss Drabek for the rest of my life,” Senior Rachel Bona said.