New Tech and Country Elementary Collaboration


Mr. Ozias’s senior New Tech English class completed their collaboration project with Country Elementary’s second graders on Wednesday 10/23.  The seniors worked with groups of 3-4 Country Elementary students to create the project and focus on the importance of collaboration when working in groups. Throughout the project the high school students traveled to Country Elementary for three days and the second grades came to the high school on the final day to test their projects and eat lunch with the seniors.

In the project, plants have lost their ability to disperse their seeds. The groups were tasked with designing, creating, and testing a prototype of a device that can be used to disperse seeds so that plants can continue to spread their seeds and grow.

Throughout the project the students used skills that line up with New Tech’s methods including an entry document, collaboration, and reflections. They created a sketch, made a prototype, tested, made revisions, and finally completed a final test of their design. The whole time they worked on reflecting and documenting their process in the program Book Creator.

While they did have a task and project they had to complete, that wasn’t the whole goal of the two schools working together. The main point was for the high school students to help guide the second graders through how to effectively work together in a group, a skill that is becoming more and more important.

“One- The high school kids carry more weight with the second graders than adults do,” Mr. Ozias said when asked about why it was so important for the younger kids to learn collaboration from the New Tech seniors. “Two- The skills that the older students are teaching the second graders will make them better learners as they move forward in school.”

Mr. Ozias’s New Tech seniors will also work with Country’s third graders and first graders to help teach them collaboration later in the school year.