Family Pumpkin Farm Opens Stand up for the Season


“What started out as just a hobby has now turned into so much more,” David Armstrong, owner of Armstrong Pumpkin Farm said.

The family began growing pumpkins on their farm in Gregory, Michigan back in the fall of 2009. Every year since then, their farm has grown. Whether it was by making the field they grow their pumpkins in a little big larger or opening new stands in nearby areas, there have been constant improvements with their business over the years. 

With improvements, also comes issues and struggle. This would be examples such as excessive rain, not enough rain, excessive weed issues, lack of germination, as well as cranes, crows, and deer embarking on their field. Shannon Armstrong, wife of David  Armstrong said, “One thing we have learned over the years is, you can try to fight Mother Nature, but Mother Nature always wins in the end” 

The family officially opened their stands up Saturday the 28th for the season. They currently have a pumpkin stand opened at their house on the corner of Roepke Rd and Williamsville rd in Gregory. Along with another stand located on North territorial road near the intersection of Mast and Territorial road.