New Tech Students Visit EMU

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New Tech Students Visit EMU

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On Tuesday, October 1st 70 New Tech students and teachers took their second annual college visit field trip. This year they chose Eastern Michigan University as their destination.

The students got to experience a campus tour led by EMU Admissions tour guides and EMU students. Students saw the rec area, inside the dorms, the library, and many more buildings on campus. Students also got to choose if they wanted to get a closer look at either Eastern’s biology department or school of Art and Design. The students who went with biology got to take a look at EMU’s greenhouse and the students in the art and design group got to see the screen printing labs.

“Eastern’s campus is a lot more modern than I remember,” senior Brandon Loy said. “It had a very welcoming and creative atmosphere and all the staff and faculty really seemed to enjoy what they were doing.”

After that, the New Tech students got to visit EMU’s Design and Science Exhibition, curated by Leslie Atzmon, in the University Gallery. This exhibit focused on the overlap between the science and design fields and how that can be used to solve problems and display data. There were tons of unique products such as knee pads made out of bones, biodegradable plastics, and graphs displaying climate change in unusual forms such as blankets.

“I really liked to see the different fields coming together,” sophomore Gracee Wisniewski said about the exhibit. “It let me realize that I don’t just have to pick one specific thing that I have to go into. For example, if I really like the medical field and art I can do both.”

Students also got to eat lunch on campus and explore the student center for a little bit at the same time. Eastern’s student center has many things to offer from fast-food restaurants to a ballroom to a firepit to galleries.

“Overall the trip was 10/10,” Loy said. “It’s definitely is one of my top choices for schools. I’ve sent in my application, now all we do is wait.”

For more information about Eastern Michigan University and how to apply or schedule a tour visit their website at

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