Sophomores on the rise


Talented Sophomores Charlie Lovell, Vincent Patierno, and Caleb Wardlow  all worked their way up to play on varisty football this year.

“It was very fun to get moved up and play with my brother Sal for the first time ever, the energy is way different than anything I’ve ever experienced, I strive to be better everyday knowing that I play every friday night with the whole community up in the stands cheering us on, its an unbelieveable feeling.” #52 Vincent Patierno stated.

Being on varsity as a Sophomore is a great achievement. The boys have had to put in a lot of work as well as the rest of the team. “Probably the effort you have to give on every play, because everyone can make a play so you always have to be prepared”#74 Charlie Lovell said.

Coach Rod Beaton said “What it takes to be on varsity as a sophomore is they have to have a skill set that translates to playing at the varsity level. They have to be able to have the mental toughness to handle the commitment of what it takes to be a varsity football player.”

This season is going well for the boys, as they are 3-1. These sophomore boys hard work pays off when they are on the field.

#14  Caleb Wardlow said “the difference from JV to varsity is that there is a lot more competition and a lot more competition and a lot more time commitment but the feeling is incredible, playing with my brothers is a dream come true, along side my coaches is better than ever.”

You can watch Charlie, Vincent, and Caleb as well as the rest of the varsity team on Friday nights. The next game is October 5th at Adrian.