Pirate Marching Band Photographs New Uniforms

On September 26 the Pirate Marching Band was photographed for a sort of “commemoration” to the current members of the marching band. Every two years the high school bands photographs the entirety of the band in either marching band uniforms or concert uniforms. To put things in perspective if someone is a senior this year the last time they participated in this even would be during the 2017-2018 school year. They would have been photographed wearing their concert uniform and than later to at the 2019-2020 school year that same person would be photographed, again, except they would be wearing the marching band uniforms. Students are photographed holding their respective instruments. This is an important event because this will be the first time the new Marching Band uniforms will be photographed for a full group composite to be hung in the band room.

The pictures were taken by a Saline based company called BAK Photography. This is the bands first year using this company after switching from their previous company. To the relief of many, the photographers were able to photograph all 97 members of the band in just under a mere 3 hours. The students had the options to buy a range of things that would have their Marching Band picture printed on it. Some of the items were normal, like mugs, buttons, porcelain ornaments,  key chains, and a bag tag. Wall clings, acrylic statues, personalized golf towels, and seat cushions were some of the more absurd items.

Left to Right Sierra Johnston, Lexi Newman, and Shelby Sproull
Kylie Jamrog and Doris O’Dell
Andrew Etherington and Zoe Rice
Junior Drum Major Halle Prynn