Pirate Marching Band shares spotlight with Pathfinder students

The Fighting Pirate Marching Band performed their half-time show for the first time this season at Friday’s football game against Ypsilanti. It was a successful evening for the band and the football team. When junior, Jack Tratchet intercepted the ball and rushed for 60 yards prior to the half, the Pirate stands erupted.

The band maintained the enthusiasm with their Rockin’ Boomer Hits half-time show which featured 80s hits: Blue Collar Man by Styx, Round-about by Yes, Detroit Rock City by Kiss, and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by ACDC. 

“Even though rehearsal didn’t go so well, the first half-time show was a lot better than we all expected,” senior, drummer Rocco Havourd said. “It was fun to march with the band again.”

The high school welcomed the Pathfinder Band and HPYFA athletes to attend and participate in the festivities. Pathfinder band students marched in with the high school band and sat in the band section during the game to play the high school stand tunes.

“It was a really fun experience, and I’m glad we did it,” eighth grade, clarinetist Katie Peasley said. 

While the high school invites the HPYFA athletes to participate in sideline activities each year, the invitation to Pathfinder band students to participate in a high school game is new. The end goal is that students involved in these extra-curricular activities will stick with them throughout high school. The Pirates 34-6 win over the Grizzlies and the success of the half-time show were a positive way to introduce the Pathfinder band to the high school band experience. 

“It was really cool to see them learn from us,” senior, clarinetist Jessica Strong said. “Hopefully this will get them to join the Marching Band in High School.”