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After school is a busy time for students at Pinckney High School. Students stay after school for many clubs and sports, sometimes even just for a social gathering to catch up with friends.

“Cross country is a really fun sport and nothing odd happened to me in the time I participated,” Luke Chapman said. Luke plays cross country after school for relaxation and to have fun with his classmates. Chapman gets homework done quite often while staying after school for cross country. 

Most students stay after school for sports instead of other activities, but there is a mix of both throughout the student body. Everybody I have talked to for the most part had a sport for an after school activity, but they also had other things they liked to get done while they were staying after.

“The most memorable  experience we had after school was that Ben passed out,” they all agreed upon. Seniors Ben Wilmanowicz, Nick Cortez, Ty Abner, and Lucas Lumpiesz hangout together after school to play some upside down paintball. They all say it gives them an adrenaline rush and sometimes a headache, when they go home they know they had a good time when they are exhausted.

For some people they stay after school to get homework done and projects, whether they are multi tasking or doing their activity and academic work separately. Everyone that stays after school tend to have fun and always be satisfied with their events. When I asked kids how they felt after their after school events they told me relatively the same thing, which was that they felt joy during their activities and went home exhausted.

“The oddest experience I had after school was getting a concussion”, Jake Stidham said. After school Jake Stidham stays for football practice until 6:30 and says it is fun, and also that he goes home exhausted. Though Stidham is very exhausted when he gets home, Stidham says he is very glad to play football.


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