Carlo Pardo: Pinckney Graduate Doing Great Things

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Carlo Pardo: Pinckney Graduate Doing Great Things

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Carlo Pardo, a 2014 Pinckney High School graduate, has recently taken a job with Ralph Lauren as an assistant concept designer. Carlo said that for him, knowing that he wanted to go into fashion was an innate thing. Working in the fashion industry requires a lot of hard work and commitment. The path to get there was not an easy one, but Carlo knew what he wanted and persevered through to get there.

His drive and hard work began in high school. Carlo took advantage of every opportunity that was out there. He was involved in clubs and school projects, anything that was out there to do he was doing. Carlo participated in Act 2, National Honor Society, Student Government, Mock Trial, and much more during his four years at Pinckney High School.

“During my time at Pinckney High School I learned that it’s super important to make the most of any situation that you’re in,” Carlo said. “You really have to seek out every possible opportunity that’s out there and reach out to help those around you. Community is everything.”

After graduating in 2014 Carlo attended Michigan State University for two years. At this point, Carlo knew what he wanted to do and he knew that MSU wasn’t the best school to help him reach his goals. Carlo then transferred to the Savannah College of Art and Design where he finished out his schooling and graduated this past May with a BFA in Fashion Marketing and a minor in Fashion Design.

Even through his college years, Carlo continued to take advantage of every opportunity that was out there and available. During the summers of his college years, Carlo completed internships in New York with Coach and Kate Spade. Even though he wasn’t a design major himself, Carlo got very involved with the design makers by helping them make their garments and being involved with the fashion shows.

Now, as an assistant concept designer with Ralph Lauren, Carlo loves his job. A lot of what he does related to the process of visual research, which is his favorite part. It involves a lot of hands-on style work. He said that a very important lesson to learn is that not everything will work out, and that’s okay. At least you get to go through the process and look at your product and have that experience. It’s all about seeing and exploring.

Carlo also had some advice to share with PHS students as they work through moving out into the world and finding their path. “You really have to be honest with yourself about what you want,” he said. “Know what you’re rooting for and be true to it and stick with it.”

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