Pinckney student attends Marine boot camp


This Past Summer Haylee Williams went to Washington DC and Quantico, Virginia. Haylee was there for five days.

“Completing the Marines O-Course with my mentor Emily Clark (Former PHS Student) and meeting so many new people from all over the country.”

Haylee went to Washington DC because she was one out of two people selected from Michigan and 100 out of 700. How she had the opportunity to do this was she had to write an essay about adversity in her life and how she overcame them.

“I found out about it through a friend’s mom who sent me the application.”

So Haylee attended Seper Fidelis All American Battles won Academy. Since she was selected all her experiences were paid for to go to DC and to participate in a Marines experience and volunteer project.

“It gave me a whole new perspective on the Marines and all of the other military services. Getting the chance to work with Olympic athletes alongside so many great people truly inspired me to always work hard and to always face my challenges head-on.”