Winterfest Pep is Canceled, but Why?

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Winterfest Pep is Canceled, but Why?

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The Winterfest pep assembly was called off last minute on February 14, the day before it was meant to happen. Many students were upset about this cancellation, but why did it happen? The National Honors Society’s (NHS) Officers, Luke Flickema, Mckenzie Van Slambrook, Elizabeth Combs, and Rachel Anguish, planned this pep assembly with the NHS advisors, Mrs. Kent and Mrs. Higgins, and principal Mrs. Woods.

“Because of the snow days, we had a lack of preparation,” Mckenzie Van Slambrook said. “You could say there was not enough time to get things together. Unfortunately, we worked really, really hard on making this pep assembly what it was. It was gonna be really cool, but it didn’t work out.”

The pep assembly was changing, as NHS threw out the old pep assembly plans for new and uniting events. This made the preparations that much more time-consuming and with the number of snow days stacking up, they had no time to iron those plans out. Not only that, but the cheer squad and drum-line felt just as unprepared with the lack of rehearsal time. These problems created an execution nightmare for the individuals involved in the events organization.

The second problem was the fact that almost no one signed up for the pep assembly events. The games that take place during this assembly require a minimum of 30 students to work, and on Thursday only 9 students had signed up. Mrs. Woods had the officers reach out to the student body on the P.A. system to encourage students to sign up for the games and remind them sign up sheets were now in the office. No body signed up. Luke and Rachel proposed cancelling the assembly to Mrs. Woods, but she refused. Instead, the plan was to cut the games that could not be done and have a 30 minute Winterfest pep assembly.

At the end of the day, the NHS officers walked out of school believing the assembly would run as planned until they checked their email later that evening. After school and the departure of most of the NHS officers, Mrs. Woods had a long and thoughtful meeting with Mrs. Kent, Mrs. Higgins, Luke Flickema, the cheer coach, and the sports director, about the situation and decided against the short event.

“Because of the snow days, teachers could do tests or notes, or whatever they needed to do to catch up,” Luke Flickema said. “So, that was just the better option instead of having a pep rally for half an hour and having to change the schedule.”

This is not the first time that the Winterfest pep assembly has been canceled. “I believe it was 15-16 years ago,” former principal Dr. Darga said. “I had concerns regarding the safety of the bleachers because many of the bolts had fallen out. The repairs and inspection were not completed in time for the assembly. The scheduled activities took place in the gym and were broadcast into the classrooms on TVs so everyone could watch. It was the best compromise I could come up with at the time.”

Even though the Winterfest pep assembly was cancelled, the dance still lived, and it was a great success. Students danced the night away and forgot about their problems for one night. “Next year,” says Mrs. Kent, “hopefully the weather will be on our side.”