Horror is Back, and It’s Evil

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Horror is Back, and It’s Evil

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Resident Evil 2 was first released in 1998 as a Playstation exclusive. Now, the game has been remade into a stylish 2019 game that flairs its classic horror roots. The main story of the game is that Raccoon City, home of Umbrella Corporation, has been mysteriously infested with zombies. The player takes the role as Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield and explores the evil within the barren police station to try and find a way out of this horrid city.

The Raccoon City Police Department, while beautiful in its architecture, is a building filled with nothing good inside.

The police station is familiar, but has quite a few differences compared to the original RE2 when it comes to room, weapon, and enemy placement. The station seems barren at first, but as you explore the maze-like corridors of the building you find death everywhere. The biggest fear is death being temporary. Every corpse looks like a zombie and it’s up to you to take action on the potentially infected or not. That’s where limited ammo comes in.

Game-play is a pretty simple third person shooter, but with ammo that seems to run out pretty quick the survival instincts kick and conserving ammo is the best way to have a good time. When that corpse is looking a little less dead, it’s up to the player to shoot that body or not. The other choice is using a sub-weapon. The main weapons are pretty simple, where you get a pistol, a middle damage weapon, and a heavy weapon; it all depends on the survivor chosen. The sub-weapons are knives and grenades. These weapons are smart to keep in the inventory in case a zombie is getting a little peckish and tries to take a bite into Leon or Claire. These weapons can be a last minute defense before the enemy attacks.

The phrase “enemy” is used quite a bit instead of just saying zombie because zombies are not the survivor’s only problems. You will have to fight through zombies in the shape of humans or dogs, but you’ll also have to fight other dangerous foes, such as the Tyrant and Lickers. These special enemies are where horror is at its peak. The Tyrant is a large super-soldier that almost looks like a statue that came to life to murder people.

The Tyrant is an enemy to be frightened of. His main goal is murder and he will stop at nothing to find his hands on your neck.

This behemoth will track you down until you die by the hands of him. He can be stopped for a few seconds after a few bullets to the head, but he will come back again and again to squeeze the life out of you. The biggest thing that’s added to the Tyrant is the sound design. While this being is tracking you down throughout the police station, you can hear every footstep that is leading to you and your potential demise.

One thing that I always loved about the Resident Evil series are the puzzles. Throughout the whole game you will find locked doors and cryptic items that you’ll have no idea what to do with. The key to this game is to examine these items and find something new and interesting about the object. For example, you may come across a jewelry box that clearly has a gem missing. You can combine that item with a ruby that you found a while back and it can open that box to unveil a brand new key, allowing you to find new rooms and more puzzles.

Claire tries to figure out which zombie is in her way the most. There will be quick decisions like this when you’re in a panic.

In retrospect, the story of RE2 is a pretty typical ‘B-Movie’, or a kind of cheesy and textbook plot. It’s pretty much Leon or Claire trying to survive with others and discover the hidden secrets of this outbreak while finding a way out. While it’s basic, the performances of each character is enticing and grabs the player, making the scenes very fun to watch. The performances are done so well because the engine for Resident Evil 2 is phenomenal. While I’ve seen a few problems with focusing throughout scenes and game-play, the visuals are absolutely stunning with how realistic things look. The character’s faces have very detailed features when talking or showing pain or emotion. The zombies, though, are the true winners in this engine. While you shoot away at the face or limbs of the undead, bullet holes will be accurately displayed on the zombie. There will be many times when a bullet hits the side of the face and the ripe flesh will turn as if it’s just a latex mask on these creatures. It is truly horrifying, yet totally awesome.

The only gripes I have with this game are some of the placements for these enemies and some poor enemy attacking decisions. I’ve had some unfortunate encounters with some Lickers. There would be rooms that would place two Lickers and multiple zombies in one room at the same time, and that’s pretty much asking for the player to save and keep playing the same room over and over again until something good happens. If one Licker found you and attacked you, the simple reaction is to fight back. Well, the other Licker will come over to maul you and there is no way to fight back. It’s that kind of placement that can be troublesome, but there are very few rooms that have problems like that. The other problem was the fact that some enemies have one way of attacking and if you do not have a sub weapon on you and they grab you, death is coming. They will only grab you and kill you in one fell swoop, and I think that was a poor decision. It’s my own opinion, so if you think otherwise please I would love to know what you think about this.

Resident Evil 2 is a look back at its old roots and Capcom was able to turn this 90’s game into a masterpiece for all to play, if they dare. I would recommend this nearly everyone, despite the minor errors in enemy planning. It was fun finding every little secret around the police station and shooting at every evil being that tried to rip my face off. This is horror at its finest and I can’t wait for more.