Bird Box: Is it worth it?

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[Contains Spoilers]

Nowadays, our society tends to thrive on the books, movies, and TV shows that illustrate humanities demise. One of the most recent being the Netflix original film, “Bird Box”. Bird Box is a movie directed by Susanne Bier with a running time of 2 hours and 4 minutes. It’s cast consists of stars such as Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, and John Malkovich. The movie is based off of the novel by Josh Malerman and the screenplay by Eric Heisserer. Bird Box makes many interesting points on survival and motherhood, along with how they play together.

Bird Box is about a strange force that suddenly begins wreaking havoc on humanity. Nobody knows what it is, but if you see it, you die. It opens with a mother named Malorie, played by Sandra Bullock, telling her two children (who she refers to as “Boy” and “Girl”) that they’re about to leave for a trip that won’t be easy. This however is only a glimpse into the future. The movie really begins five years prior to this event, when Malorie is leaving her OB-GYN appointment and waiting for her sister to pick her up. As she waits, people all around her begin finding any means necessary to commit suicide, having seen the figure.

It’s five years down the line when Malorie receives a call via walkie-talkie informing her that down the river right outside, there’s a community of survivors, men, women, and children. Her and her two children must make their way down the river while blindfolded, having to survive without sight for three entire days. In the end, Malorie and her children make it safely to the camp, and the movie closes with a happy ending (Despite all of the senseless character deaths that occur from beginning to end).

Sandra Bullock and Trevante Rhodes have the greatest performances overall, Bullock showing very unique perspectives on motherhood and pregnancy and how they work together inside of a post-apocalyptic world. Throughout the start of the movie, She’s constantly worried about how she’ll adapt to her future child, considering she isn’t the best with her emotions. This leads into the reasoning behind her calling her two children “Boy” and “Girl”, instead of real names. A very plausible reason behind this is her not wanting to get too attached.

It’s very easy to become immersed in a film such as Bird Box because of the writing, directing and acting quality. Even as an uncommon sub-genre of thriller and horror, Bird Box is a very excellent movie. If you end up needing something to watch on a Saturday night, it’s a very good option as long as you have a Netflix subscription.

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