Pinckney students travel around the country for the holidays

Logan Horvath traveled to California.

During the long holiday break many Pinckney students and their families took advantage of the no school and traveled.

“I got to travel to Los Angeles, California and visit my cousin during break. It was so cool to see the city and be able to hang out with my cousin who I don’t see that much anymore,” Logan Horvath said. While in California he got to see celebrity houses, sets from movies, and even traveled to Hollywood and San Francisco.

“There’s just so much to do and so much to see, I feel like I have so much more to do in California and hope to go again soon,” Horvath said.

While in San Francisco, he visited the Golden Gate Bridge and walked along the pier. “As cool as it was, seeing all the natural disaster damage [wild fires, mudslides] was difficult, so many people have been affected by it.” Horvath said he hopes to visit again soon and see even more of the state.

Students Kylie Rush and Huntley Doyle spent some time at Kalahari water park in Sandusky, Ohio. Autumn Trumpey visited Venice Island, Florida, and Hannah Gembarowicz drove down and spent the break in Tennessee.

Jenna Marshall traveled and spent some of her break in Chicago, Illinois.

“I got to see the bean, go to the top of the Willis Tower and eat some really good food,” said Marshall.

She enjoyed seeing all the Christmas decorations in the city, and in the stores. Jenna visited the city with her parents, it was her second time going. “I really hope I get to travel to Chicago again soon, I’m absolutely in love with the city.”

With Christmas break over, students are now looking forward to Spring Break. Many already have their plans set, and are counting down the days.