PHS welcomes guest speakers for Opioid Assembly

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On December 6th PHS welcomed Matt Butler, Tim Ryan and Mark Lundholm of The UFAM 7th Annual Recovery Live Residency Tour for an assembly on opioids. They shared their stories on struggles of addiction with opioids and the loss of loved ones with students and staff to inspire students to stay away from opioids and to help those who are going through the struggles of addiction.

” I think they did a really good job at presenting the information in a way that students would retain it not tune it out,” junior Karly Blaszkowski said.

Tim Ryan shared his story of losing his son, Mark Lundholm, a comedian, shared his story of fighting life long addiction, and Matt Butler sang songs from his travels and shared his story. They stood up to share their stories to inspire students to raise their hands and get help if they need it instead of hiding behind struggles they’re going through.

” I learned how important the opioid crisis was and the way the first speaker presented the facts that if we were all stuck in the room for a month with drugs we would all be addicted at the end of that month,” junior Michael Griffin said.

The UFAM 7th Annual Recovery Live Residency Tour around the country speaking at high schools, jails and churches about the opioid crisis.

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