Holiday break traditions

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Sophomores Jaden Payne, and Brooke Heaney



Do you celebrate Christmas?

BROOKE: Yes I do.


Who do you celebrate with?

BROOKE: On Christmas Eve I celebrate with my dads side of the family. Then on Christmas it’s just us and my mom’s mom.


Do you go anywhere for break?

BROOKE: No, I don’t, I sit in my house.


Do you go anywhere for Christmas?

BROOKE: I go to either my aunts house, my uncles house, or people come over to my house. It switches off every year.


Do you have any Christmas or holiday break traditions?

BROOKE: On Christmas morning my mom makes hot chocolate for us, and we don’t start opening presents until like 10 or 11. And then at noon we eat breakfast and then we don’t finishing opening presents until like three.


What’s your favorite part about Christmas? 

BROOKE: Probably the 12,000 different sugar desserts that we eat for breakfast. Or my tennis shoes.


Do you have any traditions for New Years?

BROOKE: I babysit while my parents go to a party.


Do you wish you celebrated Christmas differently?

BROOKE: No, I like waking up late!

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