Things to Know Before Purchasing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is releasing on December 7th and it has fans excited. Many fans are waiting to play the most ambitious crossover fighting game in history, but some people feel left out of the loop with this game. Ultimate is bringing in new changes and some consumers are not aware of every vital change that’s been made. This article will inform players of the new differences and bring hype to even the most casual of players.

The Characters

Inkling Girl from series Splatoon joins the fight. (Photo: NINTENDO)

Ultimate is meant to be a look into the history of the series and to celebrate video games as a whole. Because of this, Masahiro Sakurai, the lead developer of the Super Smash Bros. series, has put in a total of 74 playable characters into the release product. This roster spans from the classic Mario to the lesser known characters of video games, such as Simon Belmont or Mr. Game & Watch. This is not, however, the complete roster. Early 2019, the Smash community will get the fighter Piranha Plant for free, but only for a limited time. Throughout 2019, Ultimate will also receive 5 paid DLC fighters for fans to purchase. At the moment, Nintendo has not revealed what these DLC fighters will be, but they will be announced throughout the year. If fans get every DLC fighter, the new roster will be a total of 80 fighters.

The Stages

Because this is a fighting game it requires a fair amount of stages to fight on. Ultimate takes the extra step and includes 103 original stages. All 103 original stages will also have counter parts. If the stage has a cool theme, but has a weird layout, players can change the stage into the battlefield mode, which is a main platform with 3 mini platforms scattered above, or final destination mode, which is just the main platform. This makes turns the stage count to a total of roughly 309 stages.


Music is taken seriously for every Nintendo game and Ultimate is no exception. This game takes pride in having over 1000 songs in the game. Every tune is composed carefully to make sure that it fits the fast paced mood of the fighting game, yet is not far off from the original score. The team behind Ultimate found the music so much vast and fun to listen to that they added a feature to make personal playlists to play anywhere. Fans only need to put an audio jack into the Nintendo Switch and they have a playlist unique to their style.

Stage Morphing

Because there are so many stages, a feature has been added to mix two stages together in one fight. Fighters will fight on one selected stage, and at any random moment the second selected stage will change at a fair pace so fighters know what is happening, but it is not too slow to trudge along for fights. It’s the right kind of feature to let players experience every stage a little faster.

8 Player Battles

Parties have always been a hassle with playing in turns. Everyone tries to figure out who gets to play and who doesn’t, resulting in a lot of confusion, but now playing should be a little more manageable.. Fights can handle up to 8 player battles in handheld mode, and TV mode. All 309 stages are also available for this insane mode.This is an old feature that was implemented into the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. and was never included in the 3DS version. Because so many people played the 3DS version of the game, or didn’t play either, many were unaware of this phenomenal and hectic feature.

Adventure Mode

Many fans of Super Smash Bros. Brawl are aware of the ambitious Subspace Emissary mode. This was a story mode that put characters together in an adventure to save the world as they know it from a deadly force. It was very simple, yet gave fans the satisfaction to see Snake from Metal Gear Solid interact with Samus from Metroid. This idea is back again as players find 73 of the fighters are taken down by a dark force. With Kirby as the only survivor, players must take control of the pink blob and snap his friends out of their evil trance one way or another.


Because many people did not buy the Wii U, many do not know about the Amiibo figures for Nintendo products. Amiibos are a small figure of Nintendo characters that can hold information for games. These toys interact with many first party Nintendo games and for Smash Bros., they act like personal fighters. If you play with an Amiibo long enough, the figure will start picking up a personality of its own and start piecing together a move pattern that they think is best against the other fighters. Amiibos are sold separately and cost about $13 in retail stores.

Expect Less Than 74 

It wouldn’t be fun if everyone just received all 74 characters at the start of the game! When the game starts, players will find the roster limited to 8 fighters. This is in reference to the number of fighters that were first available in Super Smash Bros. 64. Through battles and playing other features of the game, players will see the roster slowly unfold as time moves on until all 74 fighters are available.

-Michael Gonzalez