Mr. Clary’s government classes teach civic duty at Pathfinder

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Mr. Clary’s 3rd hour AP Government Class

On December 11, Lexi Howard lead Mr. Clary’s 3rd and 5th hour government classes to help 8th graders at Pathfinder middle school understand civic duty.

The 8th graders took a pre-survey that resulted in 49.4% of them responding that they don’t have a voice as a student for reasons including that they’re “too young,” can’t vote and “no one listens.”

Howard designed a special day for the government students to help the 8th graders to learn about their role in society. She wanted students to know that they are more important then they think, and she had them create an action plan to improve their school and/or community.

Howard’s message to the 8th graders is, “you have the power to stand up for what you believe in and make a difference.”

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