Locker Lockups: Orchestra Edition

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The Orchestra locker room.

The orchestra and the band are on the opposite side from the rest of PHS, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own drama.

Both band and orchestra students are assigned lockers at the start of the school year. Some kids use them all the time, others never. Some use them for their instruments and others see them as their personal lunchbox, their closets, etc,.

One incident involved a student that fell victim to a silly prank, last year.

Sources from the orchestra room say that, in the middle of the class hour, someone left to go to the “bathroom”. The unnamed student had accidentally left the lock on their locker unlocked.

Someone then proceeded to close his locker and put the lock on upside down. The locker dial was facing the wall so the student would have to put the combination in upside down to get the locker open.

That silly prank triggered a plague of more locker pranks in the orchestra hall. Some students find it funny while others think it’s getting old.

” I think that really most of those kids shouldn’t be down there to start with. Switching the locks around is just disrespectful and really, there is no reason that they should be doing it. It’s extremely time consuming to go and fix which lock belongs where,” junior Anneliese Bogin said.

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