It’s the most wonderful time of the year…or is it?


Thanksgiving. Time with family, great food, and the kickoff of the holiday season. The holidays for many are a time for joy and fun, but for some people, the holidays bring on a massive amount of stress. Simple Thanksgiving dinners and other holiday get-togethers can become huge stressful events in the blink of an eye. Studies show that depression rates actually go up during the holiday season.

“Oh, yeah definitely,” Ashely Taft said. “I think something about traveling and seeing people you haven’t seen in a while is kind of nerve-racking.”

The stress of the holidays isn’t just about seeing people. With prices of what seems like everything rising and the pressure to buy gifts, many people come to a crossroads.

“I sometimes feel like I have to choose who I wanna get gifts for because everything is so expensive,” Carlie Principi said. “I normally just end up just giving my friends like a card or something nice like that.”

With the stress of the holidays fast approaching, it is important to take time for yourself to unwind. To think about all the things that you have instead of dwelling on the things that you don’t.

“I normally nap when I’m stressed, to be honest,” Rachel Johnson said. “But if I’m feeling really fancy I’ll take a bath or bake.”

So next time you go to a holiday party or sit down to a nice family meal, think about the stress everyone is under and just remember to be thankful.