Student Locker Use

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All of Pinckney High School’s halls are lined with lockers, but how many students actually use them?

When Paige Heaney was asked “Do you use your locker?” She responded, “Yes, I got a lot of crap.” She has used her locker since freshman year and continues to use it as a senior.  “I have always used my locker, I’m not going to carry my coat, lunch, or AP Econ book that weighs a hundred pounds,” Heaney said. Her locker helps her keep her backpack light.

A majority of PHS students said they don’t use their locker because they don’t see the need. “I have nothing to put in my locker, I can just put it in my backpack, it doesn’t make sense to walk to my locker,” freshman Alayna St.Clair said. Many students said they don’t even know where their locker is located.

Although some students don’t use their locker, the district will continue to have one available to them each year.