Lockers are becoming obsolete

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Lockers are becoming obsolete

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Lockers were designed to be a place for people to store their belongings when they don’t need them. These days everyone seems to carry their entire locker in their backpack. They lug around five pound textbooks, binders that they don’t use, sports bags, instruments, and more. If lockers can easily solve this problem, then why do students not use them? It’s because their lockers are inconveniently placed and passing time is too short to get to them.

We talked to someone who uses their locker everyday to see if the struggle is really worth it. “[My locker] is by some of [my classes], but not all of them. Some of my classes are really far away, but a few are right by it,” sophomore Alyssa Pugh said. “I’ve never been late to class, but I’ve definitely had to jog through hallways to get to class because my locker is far away.” Even students that use their lockers each day have complaints.

It seems that most students these days regard lockers as a thing of the past and have resorted to using their backpacks to carry everything they own because of time and convenience. It’s much easier to just zip up your backpack and walk straight to your next class instead of taking a huge detour to the other side of the building to grab your binder or folder.

“Since we’re allowed to take our stuff to class, using a locker is pointless to me. Even if it was close to my classes, I wouldn’t use it,” freshman Liza Corcoran said.

While carrying all your belongings with you everywhere you go saves time, it does cause issues. Backpacks can weigh upwards of 15 pounds, which puts significant strain on student’s backs. Heavy backpacks can cause bad posture and back pain. Obviously this has become more of an issue because of the decline of locker use, but it can be easily fixed if students become more inclined to use their lockers. We attempted to talk to assistant principal Mr. Kroll about the process of choosing lockers, but he didn’t respond. The things that we do know about lockers is that each grade is assigned to a certain hallway. If students were able to choose the location of their lockers, so they’d be more accessible instead, than the dilemma of carrying winter jackets and sports bags around the whole day would no longer be a problem.

“I avoid bringing a coat to school everyday because I don’t want to carry it around, and I don’t have time to get it at the end of the day,” sophomore Kylie Jamrog said.

On the other hand, lockers aren’t frequently used by students anymore because school work is becoming more digitalized. Homework is on Google Classroom, textbooks are online, most tests are taken on the computer. In this day and age, using lockers for school work has become obsolete. With this in mind, letting students be able to choose the location of their lockers would allow them to store other belongings that aren’t on the computer like coats and sports gear. By doing this, it’ll let the hundreds of lockers in our school be put to some kind of use.

Lockers used to be a place to socialize, decorate, and store belongings. Nowadays, lockers are so inconvenient that they’ve become a waste of space. Even for the people that do use their lockers, they face the challenge of being late to class because of the distance. Lockers shouldn’t be put to waste, they are there for an important reason. That’s why letting students choose their own lockers should be considered, because it would benefit everyone greatly.

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