Simple solutions to the locker dilemma

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Solana Kelly and Natalie Hayes carrying their backpacks to class.

The lockers at the high school are often frowned upon by students. Almost all of the students carry their backpacks to every class; hauling around too much weight on their backs and taking up valuable space in the classroom. For most, this isn’t the ideal situation.

“My locker isn’t close to any of my classes so there’s no point in going there because there isn’t enough time,” Solana Kelly said.  

The school only provides students with five minutes between each class. Teachers expect students to use this time to go to the bathroom and transition to their next class. If they have two classes downstairs in purple hall, there isn’t enough time for a student to go to their locker in upstairs green hall. Students who play instruments are lucky if they can use their regular locker to store their instrument, many have to hike across the school to reach it.  

“The only difficulty is that I have to walk all the way down to the orchestra room everyday to put away my instrument,” Piper Brady said. “I just have to get to school a few minutes early.”

Athletes throughout the school also struggle with bringing their bags. The lockers aren’t large enough to house all of their necessities for a game or practice.  

“My bag doesn’t fit in my locker and some teachers don’t even let you keep your stuff in their classroom and the office always yells at us to get our stuff but there is nowhere to put it,” Solana Kelly said.  

Students have solutions to this problem. They want to push for a change in the school. No student wakes up in the morning, excited to carry their backpack around all day. Most of the suggestions are small, simple things that could help drastically.  

“Use the same combinations all four years, fix the ones that are jammed like mine, and put them near our classes,” Grace Scott said.  

“If I had more passing time I’d probably use it,” Madeline Curtis said.  

It’s time to put the the high school lockers to use and cater to the student’s needs.

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