Parking Passes: No or Go

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Here at PHS parking passes have always been a controversial topic between students and administrators Parking passes must be purchased for $60, and students must present their license and registration to obtain one.

When Mr. Kroll was asked if he thought parking passes were a waste of money, he explained where the money raised from the parking passes goes. ” No, it helps us make sure the parking lots are maintained, patched and painted. You have to pay for parking at college universities and many other work places. Paying for parking is just a fact of life,” Kroll said.

All Pinckney Students that were interviewed had negative things to say about the parking passes. “We are forced to come here by law, and then we have to pay to come here..what!?!” Autumn Trumpey said. She emphasized that some students simply don’t have the means to pay for a pass, and then are threatened with a boot to their car, simply because they can’t afford to buy one.

“Sixty bucks for public parking is a waste of money,” Ty Abner said. Abner doesn’t see the need for high school students to pay for their own parking.

“What’s the point of buying passes if we aren’t going to have assigned parking spots, they aren’t going to come and boot everyone’s car that doesn’t have a pass and come back and take them all off,” Jenna Forhan said.

Although students may disagree with the policy, they will still have to purchase one, if they want to park on the school property without the threat of a boot to their car by administration.

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