Is Creativity in School Endangered?

Schools all over the country are increasing work centered around standardized testing. This is good news for test scores, but with mental health issues in youth at an all-time high (21.5%) this poses the question, is it too much? Creative classes such as art and music have been suffering from this increased focus on academics. With these classes taking a hit, many students are left with no creative outlet to relieve stress throughout the day.

“I really wish my classes would do more creative things in them,” Tanner Aldrich said, “it’s just hard to sit in a school all day doing the same thing over and over.”

Art is a proven stress reliever. Since the beginning of time people have been drawing and doing creative things. It is in our DNA to want to create. School sometimes miss that and are blinded by the test scores and the college acceptance rates.

“I feel like the classes I want to take aren’t the classes I should,” Rachel Johnson said. “Cause if I want the get into a good college and do well then I need a good transcript.”

With the stress of the future on most students minds, it is hard to not freak out every once and a while. “Freshman year, I would basically have a mental breakdown like every week,” Johnson said. Many students feel this way. According to Global Wire, 45% of students say that they are stressed “all the time.” The question is would stress levels decrease with more art programs.

“I like when my teachers give us art projects to do,” freshman Qwen Masterbrooks said, “It helps me learn more and I actually walk away from the class feeling like I know everything.”

The arts in many schools are underfunded and underappreciated, and many would hate to see PHS to become one of those schools.