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When to celebrate Labor Day, before or after school starts?

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Pinckney students celebrated Labor Day after the start of school this year.

The school year started off with many complaining students who hated the new change. This year Pinckney Community Schools started school before Labor Day, at first glance it doesn’t seem like a big deal but until the realization that the summer break was shorter and the school year will be longer sets in. 

After the State of Michigan changed the number of school days students are required to attend, the district decided to start school before Labor Day so students wouldn’t have to stay in school until the end of June. Again, this doesn’t sound bad from the brief explanation but students and staff soon realized that it wasn’t going to be good.

Students are used to having from mid-June to the beginning of September off. Two and a half months to  sleep in and stay up late, but this past summer the students  break lasted from from late June to late August. Meaning that summer was almost two weeks shorter and the school year will be longer.

Whether you spend the warm weather with family, traveling, hanging out with friends, or you are like me and hate the warm weather resulting in staying in the air conditioning – we all like having time away from the stress of school. And once school started, we realized how badly those extra two weeks are needed.

“Your body gets used to the summer,” sophomore Megan Gopoian said, “and having the summer shorter, everyone was still in summer mode for like two weeks instead of one week. No one was ready to start when it was still the summer months.”

Most families spend the weekend before Labor Day going on vacations or spending time with their families, but now that school is starting days before Labor Day, many families couldn’t take the time off or had to skip the beginning of the school year which is a lose, lose situation.

Fall sports start before the school year, which gives students time to focus on the sport and then slowly adjust to also having school. With school starting early, student don’t have as much adjustment time and many were stressed at the beginning of the year having to juggle both sports and school so abruptly.

Besides the students, who mostly don’t like the early start and feel like it’s cutting into their summer, many staff members don’t like the early start either. We start the school year off with two short weeks, which is good for adjustment, but nothing gets taught until after that which makes those weeks pointless.

“This change had an effect on my summer plans.  My family lives out of state and we try to get together during the summer time.  The earlier start put a wrinkle in those plans,” Pinckney High School secretary Rhonda Moore said. “It was tough coming to work earlier than normal because I love summertime and it made me sad to be inside rather than outside in the sunshine.”

School staff have to continue to come to work for up to two weeks after the last day of school. Some staff also come back to school four weeks before the start of school, meaning that the staff has a month long summer break. Staff and students are on the same page when it comes to enjoying summer, and both seem to be disappointed in the short time off.

Since the district has a 5 year calendar, the next four school years will start prior to Labor Day, and it is very unlikely it will change back after 5 years. Although, like anything, if there is enough information being passed around and people voice their opinions, the start of the school year could potentially be moved back to after Labor Day.

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When to celebrate Labor Day, before or after school starts?