Fighting Pirate Marching Band says farewell to it’s Seniors

The Fighting Pirate Marching Band’s seniors celebrated their last home game and Senior Night Friday night during halftime at the football game.

The band rolled out a new half time show consisting of a song from each show that the seniors have performed. The song selection included “Crazy in Love” from their freshman year, “Thnks fr th Mmrs” from their sophomore year, “Poker Face” from their junior year, and “Don’t Stop Believing” from this year. The seniors picked the songs for senior night. 

When asked how they select the songs senior Carli Principi said, “I guess whichever ones we liked the most,” she said. “The ones that were the most fun.”

With this last show comes a slew of emotions ranging from excitement to sadness as band members realize it’s the last time that this group will play together on the field. Tanner Aldrich talked about how he felt leading up to his last show.

“It’s like the wow factor,” Aldrich said. “It doesn’t feel like it has been four years.”

This realization goes hand in hand with the fact that the seniors will have to leave behind the friendships and bonds they’ve made with the underclassmen.

“I am closer with the juniors and sophomores than the freshman, but I’m still sad to leave them overall,” Aldrich said. “I’m basically losing a family because we are all friends.”

Even the lower grades are feeling the emotions, realizing that the seniors are leaving.

“Oh my gosh! I’m gonna miss the seniors so much,” junior Jessica Strong said. “Most of my friends are graduating, it’s just not gonna be the same without them.”

Everyone has something, or many things, that they’re going to miss. 

“Awwww I’m gonna miss my girlies,” Principi said. “I’m gonna miss going to Dairy Queen after rehearsals, I’m gonna miss the games and joking around with my friends. Oh my gosh, I’m probably gonna miss band camp the most.”