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Humanities Class Visits Toledo Art Museum

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Last Wednesday Mrs. Dailey’s Humanities class along with a few students from Mrs. Walker’s Ancient Civilizations class took an all-day field trip to the Toledo Museum of Art.

The trip was almost cancelled due to the lack of students and funds. However, the plan fell through and the students excitedly arrived on Wednesday morning after an hour bus ride.

The trip was made to allow students to explore and view ancient history as we know it, and for Humanities, that was leaning towards looking at the Greek and Roman exhibits to relate back to the previous units that were covered in class.

At the museum, one of the most popular and well-liked exhibit was known as the “Flower Room.” This room, (see picture) was full of faded flowers that hang from the ceilings and it created a beautiful design. The artist is the well-known Rebecca Louise Law.

“It was like walking through a forest of flowers,” senior Gabrielle Liddy said. “It was so artistic and fun to take pictures of.”

On the wall, was a quote from Rebecca herself, “My artwork is for sharing. I make these installations to enable people to interact with nature, to give time to observe and be moved by the beauty of creation.”

Another exhibit within the museum that really caught the student’s attention was the “Neon Sign” portion of an exhibit. It presented beautiful quotes and designs for the students to enjoy.

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Humanities Class Visits Toledo Art Museum