Pinckney High School Students Help With Big Brothers Big Sisters

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Pinckney High School students are helping once again with Rockin’ Readers. The program is run through Big Brothers Big Sisters and takes place at Country Elementary. The students meet on Mondays with their “Little” to read and build a bond.

Last year the Rockin’ Readers program launched in Pinckney, giving all high schoolers, in and around Pinckney, a chance to work with a Country Elementary student.

The ‘Big’s (high school students) went through an interview process and were paired with a ‘Little’ (elementary students) who Big Brother, Big Sister thought were compatible. The program has the students work with each other once a week to help improve reading skills while building a trusting relationship between the big and little. 

“The program helps students read who may not get the attention they need at home,” sophomore Bridget Kramer said.

The students who want to help participated in an informational meeting this past Monday, October 15th. The meeting explained how each student can help and the programs purpose and expectations.  Next week the ‘Big’s get to meet their ‘Little’s and start working together. The program runs for roughly five months, ending in March.

Students who volunteered last year get the chance to work with the same student again. 

Country Elementary.

“It’s really cool!” sophomore Bailey Whitney said. “I was afraid I would have to start over with a new kid, and that could have been hard. I get to continue working with the same student which helps because we know how to work with each other and get along really well.”

The majority of volunteers are juniors and seniors. Unfortunately, fewer students volunteered to be Rockin’ Readers this year.

“Most people do it for college applications and National Honors Society,” Whitney said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re helping for a specific reason or not, there will always be help needed. It’s fun and it’s a really cool experience!”

Although all applications have been finalized this year, the program needs more people to help next year so students can continue getting the support they need.


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