Collisions, Accidents,Trips, and How to Prevent Them When Walking the Halls of PHS

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From left to right: Aidan Sysak, Ally Williston, Abby Jeffrey

Ever walked down the halls of Pinckney High School and been body checked? Shoved into a locker? Been late to class because someone was walking super slow? You are not alone. Many students have problems with walking in the hallway, whether they are the instigator or an innocent victim. With hallway etiquette, we can help prevent all these disasters.

We asked several Freshman questions about walking in the hallway as they are usually labeled as the perpetrators of the hall. Do you always walk on the right side of the hallway during passing time?

“Sometimes when I need to go around someone,” freshman Aidan Sysak said. 

“Yes,” freshman Ally Williston said. 

“I always walk on the right side, where everyone’s going,” freshman Abby Jeffrey said, “but sometimes I push through if I want to get to class early.”

When we asked other students about hallway etiquette, they had similar experiences and thoughts.

“I’ve been pushed up against a locker by upperclassmen,” junior Elizabeth Traskos said. “I get stepped on the back of my feet a lot.”

Yes, I get hit by backpacks all the time and everyone just shoves everyone,” sophomore Karyson Carriveau said.

It is clear that maybe not everyone knows the unwritten rules of the hallways.  Do you think PHS should have written rules? 



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