Powderpuff Kickoff

This past Tuesday, in Mr. Drabek’s room, junior and senior girls meet to get information about the upcoming Powder Puff game. This year the Juniors will be coached by Ms. Judy, Mr. Sloan, and Mrs. Holloway. Seniors will be lead by Jake Price, Mr. Jerome, and Mr. Braschler. Powder Puff is an ongoing tradition at PHS, but it wasn’t always like that.

“Powder Puff for a long time was never a tradition here,” Assistant Principal Mr. Kroll said. “Even when I went to high school here, it was not something that we did.”

Since football is an aggressive sport, Kroll and other faculty members stress that it has to be fun.

“What we stress is that it needs to be a fun activity. It can’t turn into something that is students leading to further student issues or social issues,” Kroll said. “It’s got to stay something that is fun, it’s got to stay something that is a sport, and can’t be carried into the school.”

Kroll cautions the new group of girls to keep it that way, so they don’t ruin it. Without the cooperation of the students, Powder Puff could be just a memory.

“We are lucky enough to have everyone in the past do all the right things to allow us to keep it,” Kroll said.

With the start of this year’s Powder Puff practices, comes the excitement from the junior and senior girls. Many girls are ready to finally be able to join the team.

“I wanted to do Powder Puff because I wanted to be a part of the tradition,” Emily Cline said. “I’m excited to finally be a junior, so I can participate.”