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FALLing for Fashion

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With temperatures dropping and leaves changing, fall is now in full effect. A change in the weather calls for a change in attire. We asked students at PHS what their closets are looking like for the upcoming months. When asked favorite fall clothing, many students said they like to bundle up for the fall.

“Definitely sweatshirts,” Abbi Stodart said.

“Oh yeah, sweatshirts and sweaters,” Sophia Morris said.

Students said that their stores of choice for fall apparel were Pac-sun, American Eagle, and Target.

“I normally get my clothes from American Eagle, but I don’t know my mom shops for me,” Drew Wood said.

The stores mentioned are a good option for fall clothing because they cater to the needs and wants of the consumer. After extensive research, we found that men’s fashion this fall consists primarily of flannel and jackets. As far as women’s fashion goes, it is a pretty broad spectrum, but it looks like plaid pants and sweaters are very popular. With all these new trends, we asked students if they actually buy new clothes every fall.

“I sometimes do,” Desiree Sandecki said. “I mostly just keep most of my stuff from the year before and just add to it.”

Overall, we think that the most important thing is staying true to you.      

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FALLing for Fashion