Act 2’s Penny Pincher – The Twilight Zone

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Act 2’s Penny Pincher – The Twilight Zone

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On Friday, October 5th, the high school Act 2 Theatre Company put on their annual season-starter show in the high school theatre, better known as the ‘Penny Pincher’. This year, their production was The Real Life Twilight Zone, featuring the episodes “A Stop At Willoughby,” a story of a young man trying to find his place in the world, and “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street,” which is an episode that focuses on how deadly human nature can be.

Rehearsals for the Penny Pincher started in the first week of school, and auditions and casting were done last May. The show was directed by Student Director McKenna Haas, who also directed one of the mini-shows featured in last year’s Experimental Theatre Project.

I was in Legally Blonde in my freshman year, and from there I fell in love with Act 2. After that, I took drama and found myself directing people in lots of our projects, and I really liked it. From there, I decided to direct an ETP and take the leap to something bigger,” student director McKenna Haas said. “My favorite thing about Penny Pinchers though, is that it makes a lot of money for the company, and it’s still just as serious and just as much fun as a main-stage production.”

Act 2’s Penny Pincher show is an annual fundraiser to kick off the new season, and it puts some money into the account to prepare for the upcoming main-stage productions. The company doesn’t spend any additional money or resources on the Penny Pinchers, so every dollar made from it goes right back into the account. On top of earning the company some money, the Penny Pincher gives the company a fresh start to a new season.

“[The start of] Penny Pinchers came out of The Real-Live Brady Bunch, which we did in between shows because we had a long time [in between shows] a couple of years ago. The next year we didn’t do one, and everyone was like ‘why didn’t we do one?!’ so we thought we could get it going right when school started and hit the ground running,” Mr. Roy, who describes himself as Act 2’s ‘Mayhem Manager,’ said. “[My favorite thing about Penny Pinchers is that] I love how much everybody is into it. It’s supposed to be low-stress, but everybody is highly excited about doing it. Since it’s not a main stage show, people are more ‘let’s just have some fun,’- it’s always a lot of fun.”

Mark your calendars for Act 2’s upcoming productions of A Few Good Men this November, High School Musical, and the annual Experimental Theatre Project in the spring. A Few Good Men will be showing in the theatre on November 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, and 18th. Act 2 holds General Membership meetings every Tuesday after school in the drama room. For more information on their upcoming shows or getting involved with the company visit their website and social media profiles at

“The things I’m looking forward to this year are having another great season, going to festival, and seeing all of the new people on stage,” Mr. Roy said. “The performing arts at Pinckney High School are strong. We kill!”

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