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Exchange students take on Homecoming

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Exchange students experienced homecoming the American way

Across America, high schools dedicate a week to celebrate their football team, ending with a dance. Pinckney partook in this event, allowing for exchange students to learn yet another new and bizarre tradition embedded in American society.  

“It was so cool! Everyone was so excited for the game,” Ruben Learreta said.  

Ruben is an exchange student from Spain who is on the cross country team. Although American football is new to the students, they love the social aspect.  

“People really don’t pay attention to the game, they are like doing their own thing; shouting and singing,” Ana Cantalapiedra said. “At first I didn’t understand but now I understand more.”

When Mo Eichhorn was asked how he felt about the football game, he said it was “Really cool, better than in Germany because sports are more popular here.” Eichhorn also said he loves going to the football games because he likes the sport. Every Sunday in Germany he would watch the NFL.  

Although the exchange students loved Homecoming Week, the parade came as a surprise to them. “Only the parade was a little bit weird,” Eichhorn said. “It was cool but it was weird.”

Another shock to the students was the Homecoming Dance. “We already knew you have dances here and different things because of the films, but it’s not what we expected,” Ana Cantalapiedra said. They see a lot of American movies and television in their home countries, but the movies show dances differently than they are. “In Germany there are a lot of college and high school films, I thought there was going to be more slow dancing,” said Eichhorn.  

Overall, they thought the week was “pretty cool, pretty dope,” said Eichhorn.

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Exchange students take on Homecoming