You Can’t Handle the Truth

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You Can’t Handle the Truth

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Act 2 makeup crew is excited to start working on their next play, A Few Good Men. The play will premiere in November and tell the story of two Marines who have been accused of murder and the distress of their lawyers.

Act 2 is a theatre company run through Pinckney High School which meets every Tuesday after school and puts on plays for the community to enjoy. The group has many moving parts like sound crew, stage crew, lighting crew, and makeup crew.

“We’re a big dysfunctional family, we’re all there to do one thing and we all have a very different way of doing it,” sophomore Ava Taube said.

Chloe Moltzen practices hair and makeup on Jessica Strong.

All of the crews work together to create the story on stage. The makeup crew makes everyone look like their character with the help of makeup and hair. The crew has had to alter actors into mythical creatures, the opposite gender, and even transform the cast into characters from a different decade.

“If you’re playing a really grotesque character or like an older character or younger than you, it’s really easy to make yourself look like that with makeup,” Taube said. “If you can act the part that’s only going to take you half the way. You have to make sure it’s convincing for the audience.”

Act 2 puts on two large productions a year, the next big play is A Few Good Men originally written by Aaron Sorkin. It might not be the most exciting makeup but lots of work still has to go into the production. Spirits are high seeing as the spring play is none other than High School Musical, based off the 2006 Disney original movie.

“A Few Good Men doesn’t have that many people and the makeup is kind of boring, but Act 2 is just fun in general. And than High School Musical is going to be so great, because like it’s High School Musical!” junior Jessica Strong said.

Dressing room for makeup and hair.

The group put on a smaller play, The Twilight Zone, on October 5th. This mini production set the tone for the year. “Act 2 is a place where everyone can go, it’s like a safe haven for everyone. It’s basically like another family,” Strong said.

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