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Homecoming Dance 2018

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Last weekend PHS was lit up by a dancing crowd, blaring music, and raving lights. The Homecoming Dance was in full throttle. With the Disney theme, the hallways were lit up with beautiful decorations. Monsters Inc. themed doors were at the entrance, and Olaf from Disney’s Frozen welcomed students with a happy face.

Groups, dates, and single people were lined up at the door. Homecoming was having one last hurrah, and the hype was building up.

However, the following Monday when a follow up was devised of people’s intake on the dance itself, one senior said that he didn’t attend the Homecoming dance. When asked why, he mentioned how it was  “the same every year.” However, it didn’t prevent him from enjoying the past few years. “I honestly think it was pretty well done.” senior Joshua Bart said.

For the student(s) that did go to this dance, there was a mixture of feedback.

 “It wasn’t really a bop… my friends and I had to make it one.” Madie Levillier said. She also mentioned how she thought the music could have been a lot better. Many agreed with her.

“It was only the Top 20 songs with a few classic dance songs — such as the Cupid Shuffle — in between,” Madison Diehr said. “Have Student Government make a song request form for students to select what music they have at Homecoming.”

Although there was some negative feedback, there was a lot of positive feedback as well.

“I loved the decorations in the hall.” Kristy Hacker said. “I thought the music was really good as well.”

She had gone to the dance with a large group of friends, as did many other students.

“My favorite part about going together with a group was probably getting to take photos with my friends.” Kristy Hacker said.

There was a large question bopping around the school: is it better to go as a date or with a group of friends?

A large popular opinion was going with friends were better, where a small percentage voted that going with a date was better. Some also noted that their friends were considered their date.

At 11:00pm, Homecoming came to a close, and although it ended, the school spirit goes on.

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About the Writer
Halle Sullins, Writer & Designer

Halle Sullins is a senior at Pinckney Community High School (PCHS). She is an avid cat lover, never has matching socks, and loves food. She’s currently a writer and the web designer for the PHS Connected website. She has hopes to spread positivity about the high school and all the great things it has going on! Halle is currently the Clarinet Section Leader in the Marching Band, President of Students Leading Students / It Stop with Students, and as of last year has joined the theater company, Act2.

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Homecoming Dance 2018